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Commercial Elevator Installation for Your Establishment

When owning a commercial property, you may need to install features that are ADA compliant. Or you might simply want mobility options other than stairs. Professional Lift Solutions is here to help.

Systems Suited for Businesses

Our crew uses limited-use, limited-application (LULA) systems when installing new wheelchair lifts and elevators in commercial properties. These ones have been specifically designed for people with disabilities, making them ADA compliant. With options for ample space, lowered buttons, padded door protections, and more, this addition will surely make it easier for your visitors to get around.

Focusing on Nonpublic Spaces

All our commercial elevators are meant for limited use and reserved for those who really need them. That is why we focus on working with businesses that are not open to the general public or ones that don’t get many visitors who may use units as otherwise intended. Our systems are ideal for two-story, nonpublic businesses or two-story buildings with lesser foot traffic, such as churches.

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